Math Teaching Projects

K- 5 Math Teaching Resources invites expressions of interest from schools to participate in the K-2 Math Teaching Project and Grades 3-5 Math Teaching Project for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Designed to inspire and empower teachers while helping schools build capacity for improving classroom instruction, both Projects will enable participants to further develop their pedagogical and conceptual understanding of the teaching and learning of mathematics.  

K-2 Math Teaching Project 2019 - 2020

Format: 6 days
Day 1: Developing and Assessing Early Number Sense
Day 2: Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Addition and Subtraction
Day 3: Building Number Sense with Number Talks
Day 4: Developing Measurement Concepts in K-2
Day 5: Building Place Value Understanding Through Problem Solving
Day 6: Developing Spatial Sense and Geometric Reasoning 

Dates: 10/4/19, 11/15/19, 12/13/19, 1/24/20, 3/6/20, 4/24/20
Location: Roosevelt Island, New York City
Time: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. (1 hour lunch break/morning tea provided)
Who should attend: K-2 teachers and coaches
CTLE credit: 30 hours
Cost: $1,200 per person
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Gr. 3 - 5 Math Teaching Project 2019 - 2020

Format: 6 days
Day 1: Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Multiplication and Division
Day 2: Models and Strategies for Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division with Whole Numbers and Decimals
Day 3: Building Number Sense with Number Talks
Day 4: Building Fraction Sense in Gr. 3-5: Part One
Day 5: 
Building Fraction Sense in Gr. 3-5: Part Two
Day 6: Developing Spatial Sense and Geometric Reasoning 
Cohort 1 Dates: 9/27/19, 11/1/19, 12/6/19, 1/10/20, 2/7/20, 3/13/20
Location: Roosevelt Island, New York City
Time: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. (1 hour lunch break/morning tea provided)
Who should attend: Gr. 3 - 5 teachers and coaches
CTLE credit: 30 hours
Cost: $1,200 per person
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All registrations must be received and confirmed by Sep. 20th, 2019.
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What Project Participants are Saying ...

“My attendance at the project days has increased my understanding of the ways in which the CCLS should be articulated within my grade.  The group-work times have also improved my understanding of how my math curriculum stands within the continuum of learning across 3-5 grades.  The improved understanding has led to practical changes in my classroom practice. Where fluency used to be a “skill and drill” part of my lessons, I’ve implemented the use of fluency screeners to assess student competency and select specific strategies that maintain concept development - not memorization.  The work on multiplication made me realize the benefits to understanding math concepts in a visual way. I used the visual multiplication patterns in my class, and student discourse was increased. My parent workshops have incorporated many of the activities shared in the workshop, and we have a community discourse about the ways in which students acquire conceptual understanding.  All in all, the tools and centers provided through this professional development have improved my own understanding of the content and classroom practice.”
Nancy Chen, 5th Grade Teacher (2017 - 2018 participant)

“As a new coach for K and 2, I appreciated the opportunity to look across grades and analyze the CCSS.  It was incredibly helpful to review the counting strategies that support a student’s trajectory of learning . . . It has also been important for me to make sense of the content by being an active participant in the mathematics.  In all of these sessions, we were consistently completing tasks, and making sense of problems in order to move the needle on student growth. By being given the time to do so, I could connect to new learning and try it in classrooms.”
Jessica Tamerlani, Math Coach (2017 - 2018 participant)

"Working with teachers across grades also allowed me to see how mathematical concepts should be built throughout the years.  As a second grade teacher I am now better able to address learning gaps and assess why students may be struggling with certain mathematical concepts.  I gained a lot of understanding of complex math and strategies to use to continue to push my students to solve challenging problems.  I feel that I am better prepared and equipped with the necessary tools to provide my students with the supports they need."
Stephanie Martinez, 2nd Grade Teacher (2017 - 2018 participant)

“This was an inspiring learning experience for me.  Nicola you are a master and the Project days were wonderfully organized, clear, and helpful.”
Gerri Anne Garrelick, Kindergarten Teacher (2017 - 2018 participant)

"Attending the K-2 Math Project days this year has greatly enhanced my classroom practices. It has made me more mindful of my instruction and enabled me to incorporate and set up more math routines into my classroom. The Project days have also helped me to develop more rich tasks and problem solving based work that my current curriculum was lacking. I would really recommend that my colleagues attend the Project days next year."    
Regina Barrett, LS Math Specialist (2016 - 2017 participant)

"As a teacher in a ICT classroom, I am constantly looking for ways to further support my struggling students. Learning about the different multiplication clusters has helped guide my own thinking, as well as planning process, so that I can help to reinforce the skills that my students are lacking. I have been able to help my students improve their multiplication fluency by teaching them strategies such as halving, doubling, double-double, etc. Furthermore, the knowledge that I gained during the first session has helped me to see math, multiplication specifically, in a more conceptual way. I find myself almost daily referring back to the anchor chart that displays the clusters and strategies."    
Jessica Volpe, 5th Grade Teacher (2016 - 2017 participant)

"My attendance at these sessions has been incredibly helpful. I have gained a deeper understanding of how students learn and represent mathematics. I have also learned so many great strategies and activities I can use in my classroom - salient ways to teach multiplication facts, geometry talks to get students thinking flexibly about shapes, etc. I particularly enjoyed today’s emphasis on open-ended problems and higher-order tasks, and am eager to implement them in my classroom. I think they will provide a great intellectual challenge for my 4th grade students!"   
Ariel Pick, 4th Grade Teacher (2016 - 2017 participant)