Onsite Consulting

*K-5 Math Teaching Resources is a  NYCDOE contracted vendor and approved New York State CTLE Sponsor.

Our consultants are committed to working side by side with administrators, coaches and teachers to improve the quality of math education for all students.
We will work with you to tailor an onsite consulting plan specifically for your school. Based on your school’s needs this may include:

During 1:1 coaching days the school sets up a schedule for the consultant to visit selected classroom teachers during math lessons to provide individualized feedback and coaching to establish exemplary math classroom instruction and improve student outcomes. The consultant may meet with teachers individually prior to a lesson to co-plan the lesson and again after the lesson to review student work and plan next instructional steps. 

On labsite days one model classroom is chosen from each grade level involved. Prior to the labsite teachers on the grade level meet with the consultant to co-plan a lesson or mini-lesson.  The teachers then visit the labsite classroom to observe the lesson through a particular lens and practice their teaching with support from the consultant. After the lesson the consultant facilitates a lesson debrief to allow teachers to reflect on teaching practices that supported student learning, review student work with a focus on learning and misconceptions, and plan next instructional steps.  

During planning days teachers meet with the consultant in grade level or vertical planning teams to plan an upcoming unit of work. These sessions may be used to write or revise curriculum maps and to further develop teachers' math content and pedagogical knowledge.

During Administrative PD days the consultant may do learning walks/instructional rounds with administrators and math coaches to support the administrative team in further developing their understanding of best practices for mathematics teaching and learning. During this time the consultant may also meet with the administrative team to look at student work or grade level/school wide data to guide and support leaders in the creation and implementation of a clearly defined action plan for math improvement based on an analysis of data and an audit of the math environment, practices, resources and policies.

Our research-based Workshop Days offer interactive learning experiences designed to improve teachers' instruction, advance students’ learning, and increase achievement in math. These days can be tailored to your school’s individual needs. We will collaborate with you to decide on a topic aligned to your curriculum and focused on your needs. Popular topics include:

Assessing & Developing Early Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction
Building Multiplication and Division Fluency from Conceptual Understanding
Assessing & Developing Computational Fluency in Grades 3-5
Establishing Number Talk Routines in K-2
Establishing Number Talk Routines in Grades 3-5
Teaching for Understanding: Fractions (Grades 3-5)
Using Math Journals to Support Student Learning 
Designing and Using Rich Math Tasks

Please contact us for more information about onsite consulting options and/or a quote based on your school's needs: orders@k-5mtr.com

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