About Us

K-5 Math Teaching Resources is a leading, New York City-based math consultancy firm.  We are dedicated to transforming the teaching and learning of mathematics, thereby improving outcomes for all students in elementary school and beyond.

Our consulting and professional development work is focused on increasing teachers’ and administrators’ pedagogical and conceptual understanding of the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Our work is deeply rooted in current educational theory and practice, and in the principle that high quality teaching begins with the teacher’s own deep subject matter knowledge. We use a variety of research-based and evidence-validated professional development methodologies designed to deepen content knowledge and refine teaching practices, with an expectation that reasoning and making sense will be priorities of both teaching and learning.

We also maintain this website, which is nationally-recognized within the United States as a top source of high quality mathematics resources for math educators, and is visited by tens of thousands of educators each month, with more than 40,000 U.S.-based and international subscribers.  This website contains an extensive series of standards-aligned teaching resources, many of which are free. All of our resources have been designed based on the understanding that effective mathematical learning is best achieved when students are given frequent opportunities to develop their own problem solving strategies, to pose questions, and to engage in mathematical inquiry through the use of open-ended tasks.

While our materials were designed primarily for schools in the United States, they are readily transferable to any elementary instruction conducted in English, and have become popular across the globe.