MATH PUZZLES (Grades 1-2)

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Math Puzzles (Gr. 1-2) contains four different types of puzzles to build and extend students' mental flexibility and understanding of place value. Perfect for use in a math center or as extension work for early finishers who enjoy a challenge.

Hundreds Chart Puzzles: An understanding of the patterns on a hundreds chart is fundamental to the development of place value concepts. Once students understand the +1, -1, +10, and -10 patterns on a hundreds chart, they are able to work on hundreds chart puzzles to fill in the missing numbers. Asking students to choose one of the numbers they wrote on the chart and explain, either verbally or in writing, how they know the number belongs in the square provides an easy way to assess understanding. 40 Hundreds Chart Puzzles are included. Set 1 contains 20 puzzles with numbers within 120. Set 2 contains 20 puzzles with numbers within 1,000. A completed 120 chart and 1,000 chart are included to support students who require a scaffold.

Mystery Number Puzzles: Each Mystery Number Puzzle contains a hundred grid and four mathematical clues (e.g. The number is greater than 30. The number is less than 50. Both the digits are the same. The sum of the digits is greater than the number of days in one week). As students read each clue they cross out all the numbers on the hundred chart that do not fit until they determine the mystery number.

Place Value Puzzles: Children need to see and interpret numerals written in a variety of ways before it can be concluded that they understand how to use symbols to stand for the number of tens and ones. For example, 43 can be described as 4 tens and 3 ones, 3 ones and 4 tens, 3 tens and 13 ones, or 23 ones and 2 tens etc. Understanding the equivalence of these groupings is important as many computational techniques are based on equivalent representations of numbers. The 20 Place Value Puzzles included in this resource give a series of one digit numbers and a sum (e.g. 1 _____ + 2 _____ + 5 _____ = 17). Students must choose words from the Word Bank (one, ones, ten, tens, hundred, hundreds) to make a true statement and write a matching equation. The puzzles begin with 2-digit numbers that involve no regrouping and gradually increase in difficulty to 3-digit numbers with regrouping (e.g. 8 _____ + 9 _____+ 5 _____ = 139).

100 & 200 Dot Puzzles: 100 and 200 dot puzzles are another fun way to build place value understanding. After using mental math to solve a set of equations focused on a specific strategy, students must find the corresponding solutions on a 100 or 200 dot grid and join them to create a mystery picture. This provides lots of practice in adding and subtracting multiples of ten mentally as students locate the correct dots on the grid.

Answer Key included.

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40 Hundred Chart Puzzles
Dot Puzzles on the 100 and 200 dot grid
Mystery Number Puzzles
Place Value Puzzles

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