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K-2 Math Projects contains 36 take home math projects and 7 math choice boards designed to provide opportunities for students to solve problems and communicate math thinking and understandings. Send home one project a month, or one per math unit, to provide opportunities for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade students to solve real life problems while applying key math concepts and skills. All projects are standards based and allow students to make their own decisions as to how to organize and record their work without the structure of a worksheet. A Math Project Checklist for students to self-assess their learning is included.

The following math projects are included in this digital download:

  • Going on a Number Walk 
  • Number Salad
  • Create a Counting Book 
  • How Many Feet? 
  • Going on a Nature Hunt 
  • Doubles Hunt 
  • Neighborhood Number Stories 
  • Be a Number Detective 
  • Counting to 100 
  • My Number Journal (ver. 1)
  • My Number Journal (ver. 2)
  • Everyday Arrays 
  • Who is the Tallest? 
  • Measuring with Feet 
  • Comparing Lengths 
  • Measurement Tools 
  • How Tall is your Teddy? 
  • Plant and Measure
  • Build a Ramp 
  • Coin Creatures 
  • Grocery Shopping
  • A Timeline of My Day 
  • Sorting Leaves 
  • Pocket Count 
  • Neighborhood Tally 
  • Graph a Collection 
  • Let's Recycle! 
  • How Much Mail? 
  • Going on a Shape Walk 
  • Create a Dinosaur 
  • Terrific Tangrams 
  • Supermarket Shapes 
  • Shape Neighborhood 
  • Shape Robot 
  • Equal Shares 
  • Math Scavenger Hunt

The following Choice Boards are included in this resource:

  • Even and Odd Numbers Choice Board
  • Addition and Subtraction Choice Board
  • Telling Time Choice Board
  • Geometry Choice Board
  • Measurement Choice Board
  • Money Choice Board
  • Representing & Interpreting Data Choice Board

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Math Projects K-2
Math Projects K-2
Math Choice Boards for K-2