Math Anchor Charts

Math anchor charts can provide a source of visual reference to support student thinking, reasoning and problem solving.  A good classroom math anchor chart:

  • has a single focus
  • reflects recent math lessons needing continued support and scaffolding
  • helps students remember the process of a skill or strategy
  • supports the development of precise math language
  • is organized and accurate

Take a moment to reflect on the math anchor charts in your classroom.  Which ones do your students use the most? Which ones could you remove without them even noticing?

Division Strategies Anchor Chart
Elapsed Time Anchor Chart
Elapsed Time Anchor Chart
Round Whole Numbers
1st Grade Addition Strategies
Multiply Using an Area Model
Prime and Composite Chart
Factors and Multiples Chart
Comparing Decimals
Multiples Chart: 3
Multiples Chart: 7
Classifying Triangles