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K-2 Math Tool Kit includes a variety of math tools to support the development of students' math skills and understandings. Select the tools best suited to your student’s needs and introduce new tools throughout the year as needed. The following tools are included in this digital download:

1. Dot Cards 1-12
2. Five Frames with dots
3. Ten Frames with dots
4. Ten Frame Cards 0-20 
5. Blank Five Frames
6. Blank Ten Frames
7. Double Ten Frame
8. Numeral Cards 1-12
9. Numeral Cards 0-10 (large)
10. Numeral Cards 0-20
11. Numeral Cards 0-100
12. Comparison Cards
13. Number Path 0-10 (English)
14. Number Path 0-10 (Spanish)
15. Number Words
16. Numeral Handwriting Reference Sheet 0-10
17. Numeral Handwriting 0-10 (display size)
18. Small Hundreds Chart 0-100
19. 0-100 Chart
20. 0-200 Chart
21. Count by Tens Number Grid
22. Count by Fives Number Grid
23. Count by Twos Number Grid

24. Number Line 0-20
25. Number Line 0-30
26. Open Number Line
27. Part-Part-Whole Chart
28. Place Value Chart (tens/ones)
29. Place Value Chart (adding two 2-digit nos.)
30. Place Value Chart (hundreds/tens/ones)
31. Number Bonds
32. Addition/Subtraction Fact Triangle
33. 10 More/10 Less Number Grid

34. Coin Mat
35. Clockfaces
36. Make a Clock
37. Six Inch Ruler
38. Bar Graph Template
39. Picture Graph Templates

40. Days of the Week
41. Months of the Year
42. Flat Shapes
43. Solid Shapes
44. Geoboard Paper (5x5 pin)
45. Geoboard Paper (10 x 10 pin)
46. Math Talk Prompts

K-2 Math Tool Kit: Tools to support the development of students' math skills and understandings
K-2 Math Tool Kit: Tools to support the development of students' math skills and understandings