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Part One of Coordinate Plane Mystery Pictures contains ordered pairs to create 10 different Geometric Designs to provide practice plotting and connecting ordered pairs. After plotting and connecting the ordered pairs students can color their completed designs using colored pencils, crayons or markers. Perfect for use as a math center, for fast finishers, or days with substitute teachers these make a colorful bulletin board display.

Part Two of this resource contains twenty-one Mystery Pictures that provide opportunities to practice coordinate graphing skills while reviewing 5th Grade math skills and concepts aligned with the Common Core State Standards. In order to reveal each picture, students must solve a set of problems and replace the letter values in the coordinate pairs with the appropriate numerical values before plotting and connecting the points. See the Table of Contents in the PREVIEW for a full list of topics covered.

All Geometric Designs and Mystery Pictures are provided in both one (positive whole numbers only) and four quadrant (positive and negative whole numbers) versions to allow for differentiation. An Answer Key is included, along with several different styles of coordinate graphing paper.

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Number of Pages: 75

Coordinate Plane Mystery Picture 4A: Rounding
Coordinate Plane Mystery Picture 9A: Multiplication with Decimals
Coordinate Plane Mystery Picture 18A: Mixed Operations with Fractions
Coordinate Plane Mystery Pictures in first quadrant and four quadrant versions.

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