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Gr. 3-5 Math Tool Kit contains 60 math tools to support the development of students' math skills and understandings. Select the tools best suited to your student’s needs and introduce new tools throughout the year as needed. The following math tools are included in this digital download:

1. Problem Solving Steps Checklist
2. Math Talk Stems Bookmark
3. 0-200 Chart
4. Array Maker 
5. Multiplication Chart (10 x 10)
6. Multiplication Chart (12 x 20)
7. Multiplication Chart (blank)
8. Multiplication Charts (Single Factor)
9. Useful Facts for Partial Quotients Chart
10. Multiplication Fact Triangles
11. Multiplication Wheels
12. Place Value Mat: Hundreds/Tens/Ones
13. Place Value Mat: Ones/Tenths/Hundredths
14. Place Value Mini Chart (to hundred thousands)
15. Place Value Mini Chart (to hundred millions)
16. Place Value Mini Chart (to thousandths)
17. Powers of 10 Chart
18. Empty Number Lines
19. Clockfaces
20. 24 Hour Number Lines
21. Fraction Wall (whole to eighths)
22. Fraction Wall (whole to twelfths)
23. Fraction Number Line (to eighths)
24. Fraction Number Line (to twelfths)
25. Fraction Number Line (unmarked)
26. Fraction/Decimal Number Line
27. Fraction Bars: Labeled
28. Fraction Bars: Unlabeled
29. Fraction Cards (Rectangular)
30. Fraction Cards (Circular)

31. Decimals Chart (tenths)
32. Decimal Squares
33. Venn Diagrams
34. Geoboard Paper: 10 x 10 square
35. Geoboard Paper: Circular
36. Tangram Template
37. Quadrilaterals Tree Mini Chart
38. Quadrilaterals Properties Mini Chart
39. Triangle Classification Mini Chart
40. Grid Paper: Base Ten
41. Grid Paper: Centimeter
42. Grid Paper: Inch
43. Dot Paper
44. 6 Inch Rulers: Half-Inch Markings
45. 6 Inch Rulers: Quarter-Inch Markings
46. Metric System Mini Chart
47. US. Customary System Mini Chart
48. Units of Time Mini Chart
49. Lines, Ray and Line Segments Mini Chart
50. Angles Mini Chart
51. Bar Graph Paper
52. Picture Graph Paper
53. Coordinate Grid Paper (single quadrant)
54. Coordinate Grid Paper (four quadrants)
55. Shape Pack: Quadrilaterals
56. Shape Pack: Triangles
57. Shape Pack: Regular Polygons
58. Show Your Math Thinking Paper
59: Blank Number Cube Template
60: Numeral Cards (1 - 12)

Multiplication and Division Tools

Gr. 3-5 Math Tools for Fractions and Decimals