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Counting Rhymes

Counting Rhymes eBoo

Counting Rhymes
provide opportunities for children to practice a range of math skills including counting, numeral recognition, addition and subtraction. In addition to these benefits, research suggests that early learning of traditional rhymes and rhythmic poems, songs, and chants significantly enhances early reading skills and phonemic awareness. Our Counting Rhymes e-Book contains 34 traditional and modern rhymes ready to use in your classroom.

The rhymes in this e-Book are included in four formats:

1. Large Rhyme Page can be enlarged and used as a Shared Reading text. Focus on one rhyme per week and create a class Counting Rhymes Big Book. Alternatively, save the file to your computer and project it onto your interactive whiteboard during Shared Reading sessions.

Counting Rhyme - Moo

2. Small Rhyme Page can be photocopied and cut in two for children to paste into their individual Counting Rhymes Book (an unlined notebook works well for this). Add a rhyme each week and have them available to children during reading sessions.

Student size counting rhyme-Moo
Counting Rhymes Noteboo

3. Cloze Activity Pages provide practice in writing numerals while reading rhymes. Once children are familiar with the rhyme these can be either laminated and used as a Center activity with dry erase markers or used as a pencil and paper activity.

Counting Rhymes for Math Centers

4. Sentence Strip pages can be:
a) laminated and cut into the marked strips for use as a Center activity. Children can put the sentences back in order to make up the whole rhyme.
b) used to make a class book, with children working in pairs to illustrate one page of the book to match their sentence strip
c) photocopied for children to cut and paste back in order in their Counting Rhymes Book.

Counting Rhymes!

Innovating on the text: Some rhymes include templates for students to innovate on the structure of the text to create original rhymes for display as wall stories or class books. Once children are familiar with the structure of a rhyme the templates can be used to write your own rhymes as a class or individually. Brainstorm and list appropriate words to replace words from the rhyme that have been omitted on the template. Children can then use these lists as a reference when making up their own versions of the rhyme.

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