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Math Resources

Math Resources FreePrintables

This page provides a range of math resources and templates.  Using Dry Erase Pockets with templates allows them to be erased and reused over and over, as well as eliminating the need for students to spend time drawing their own diagrams and allowing more time for practicing skills.


Addition Mat

Addition Fact Triangle Template

2 Digit Addition Template

2 Digit Addition Template (Partial Sums)


Angles Template

Base 10

Base Ten Hundreds (4 per page)

Base Ten Cards (tens and ones)

Base Ten Mat (tens and ones)

Base Ten Mat (tens and ones with ten frame)


Clockface Template (6 per page)

Coordinate Grids

Assorted Coordinate Grid Paper


Decimal Hundreds Chart Template

Decimal Squares Template


Number Cube 1-6

Number Cube with dots

Blank Number Cube


Large Dominoes

Dot Cards

Dot Cards 1-12


Five-Frames (blank)

Large Five-Frames with Dots (1-5)

Small Five-Frames with Dots (0-5)


Fraction Circles

Fraction Squares

Fraction Cards

Labelled Fraction Strips

Unlabelled Fraction Strips Template

Geoboard Paper

Large 5x5 Geoboard Paper

5x5 Geoboard Paper (6 per page)

7x7 Geoboard Paper (6 per page)

10 x 10 Geobard Paper

Graph Paper

Blank Bar Graph Template

Graph Paper

1 cm Grid Paper

2cm Grid Paper

One Inch Graph Paper

Dot Paper (cm)

Math Center

Math Center Labels

Math Center Reflection Sheets

Math Notebooks
 Getting Started with Interactive Math Notebooks

Math Word Wall

K Individual Word Wall (double sided)

Color Words

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

2D Shapes


Multiplication Chart (12x20)

Multiplication/Division Fact Triangle Template

Number Lines

0-10 Table Number Lines (numeral/dots/word)

Blank Number Lines Template

Number Lines 0-20 (4 per page)

Count by 10s and 100s Number Lines

24 Hour Number Line (x4)

Numeral Cards

Numeral Cards 0-10

Numeral Cards 1-12

Numeral Cards (0-100)

One Hundred Charts

Blank 100 Grid

One Hundred Chart Template

Small 100 Charts Template (4 per page)

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks Template


2D Shape Cards

Polygon Sort Sheet

Quadrilaterals Pack 1

Quadrilaterals Pack 2

Triangle Pack


Rekenrek Recording Paper

Show Your Work

Show Your Work Recording Paper


Tangram Cutout


Ten Frame

Double Ten Frame

Small Ten Frame Cards with Dots (0-10)

Small Ten Frame Cards with Dots (11-22)

Large Ten Frames 11-20

Large Ten Frames 11-20 with numbers

Ten Frame Cards (1-42)

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagram Template (2 circles)

Venn Diagram Template (2 circles lined)

Venn Diagram Template (3 circles)

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