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Measurement Interactive Whiteboard Resources

This page contains links to free K-5 Measurement Interactive Whiteboard Resources from across the web. Try some of these links on your interactive whiteboard during whole class math sessions or select an activity for a small group to work on using an IWB or classroom computers during Math Center sessions.


IWB-clocks IWB-clocks2 IWB-clocks3
O'clock and half past
Quarter Hour
Five Minutes

IWB-clocks4 IWB-clocks5
To the minute
Teaching Clock 1

IWB-clocks7 IWB-clocks8 IWB-clocks9
Clock Words
24 Hour Clock
Elapsed Time

IWB Time Problems 1 IWB time problems 2 IWB metric conversions
Time Problems 1
Time Problems 2
Metric Conversions


IWBangles1 IWB angles2 IWB angles3
Guess My Angle
Banana Hunt
Angle Measure


IWBlength1 IWB length2 IWB length3
Non-Standard Units
Measuring in cm
Measuring in inches

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