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K-2 IWB Resources: Number

This page contains links to some of our favorite K-2 IWB resources from across the web to develop counting, numeration, addition and subtraction skills. Try some of these links on your interactive whiteboard during whole class math sessions, or select an activity for a small group to work on using an interactive whiteboard or classroom computers during Math Center sessions.

For more IWB Resources see the IWB Resources:Geometry and IWB Resources: Measurement pages.


Count 1-10
Order Numbers 1-20
Skip Counting
Odd Even Sort


Math Tools 4 Math Tools 5 Math Tools 6
Number Order 1-20
Ten Frame

Math Tools 7 Math Tools 8 Math Tools 9
Comparing Numbers
Interactive 100 Chart
Base 10

Addition and Subtraction

Math Tools 10 Math Tools 11 Math Tools 12
Complements of 10
2 Less Than

Math Tools 13 Math Tools 14 Math Tools 15
1 Digit Addition
1 Digit Subtraction
Equation Balance

Math Tools 16 Math Tools 18
Add 2 Dice
Subtraction Number Stories

Domino Game Count On Game Guess my Number
Domino Sort
Gorilla Count On
Guess My Number

Add Like Mad IWB Game Math Squares Number Bonds IWB Game
Add Like Mad
Maths Square
Number Bonds

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