5th Grade Math Bundle

5th Grade Math Bundle contains three digital resources to support the development of key mathematical skills, concepts and understandings aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: 

  • 5th Grade Math Journals, 
  • Math Projects Gr. 3-5, and 
  • 5th Grade Math Vocabulary Resources. Purchase all three resources as a bundle and save!

1. 5th Grade Math Journals contains 90 problem solving tasks aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Tasks can be used as Morning Work, Problem of the Day, Math Centers, for homework or assessment purposes. Included in this resource:

  • a six page guide to getting started with math journals in your classroom
  • overview tables showing the specific Common Core standard/s for each task
  • a math journal rubric in both student and classroom display size
  • 90 math journal tasks covering all 5th Grade CCSS. Tasks can be printed on address labels (Avery 5160) with 30 copies of each task on a page. Simply print, peel and pass out for students to stick in their journal. No more glue sticks or time wasted copying out tasks!

2. Math Projects Gr. 3-5 contains 39 projects aligned with the Common Core State Standards. These projects provide a great way to develop problem solving skills while linking your curriculum with real world situations and applications of math skills and concepts. Choose one a month to use as a homework project or set aside some class time on a regular basis for students to work on projects collaboratively. Either way you will be providing opportunities for students to solve real life problems while applying key math concepts and skills. Each project includes a student-friendly rubric to provide students with a clear understanding of expectations. 

3. 5th Grade Math Vocabulary Resources  contains two resources to promote student independence, develop math vocabulary, and support reading and writing in mathematics. Vocabulary in both resources is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

This resource contains 188 Math Vocabulary Cards for your Math Word Wall. Each card contains a key term in large font with a visual or example. Cards in each domain are color coded. Also included are ideas on how to make your Math Word Wall more interactive and a template for a student Math Vocabulary book. My Math Vocabulary book contains over 200 essential math words for 5th Grade, math writing prompts, math talk stems and a multiplication grid. Print a copy for each student in your class (7 double sided pages) to support the use of precise math vocabulary.

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